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Tips For Losing Weight

With the dawn of the New Year, we see that one of the most common new years resolutions are to lose weight. However, this resolution and the work that goes toward achieving it is seen to last one week in to the New Year and at most two to three weeks with most people going back to their regular lives after that. This is sad because obesity and general over weight among younger people is one of the most common problems with it being one of the main reasons for illness around the world. Link here an effective way to have a beautiful body.

On the one side we work hard to earn money to be able to save in case we one day fall sick while on the other hand, we stuff ourselves with the worst possible food causing us to become obese and unhealthy as a result of over work. This does not make sense as it is a vicious cycle. If only we were to take some time off our busy schedule, even if that means having to work slightly less and earn slightly less, to eat better, make ourselves a quick but healthy meal and to not give patronage to the terrible fast food industry that exists to cause obesity and illness, our lives would be a lot better and we would have a much lower chance of getting sick and a much better chance of fat reduction.

The difference between accepting your body shape and being obese

All around us, we are faced with models and advertisements telling us about the perfect body. We will be faced with size zero victoria’s secret models and designer brands using almost anorexic models to tell us that being thin is beautiful. This is not always true as women come in all shapes and sizes. As a result of this advertising, we are seeing two extremes. One the one hand we are seeing women going through all kinds of fad diets that deprive the body if nutrients with the aim of fat reduction in order to be the girl in the poster and on the other hand we are seeing women who are accepting and flaunting their obesity and over weight in a sort of “body pride” campaign.

What young people need to realize is that, although the human body comes in all shapes and sizes, there is a huge difference between a bigger made healthy body and an obese body. We need to teach the younger generation to eat healthier and cleaner permanently and there after accept the body they have been blessed with.