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Solutions for Uneven Skin Tone


Everyone dreams of a skin that’s soft and glowing. It is not always that you can be proud of your even skin tone, for many suffer with the issue of uneven skin tone. The main causes for uneven skin tone have been recognized as hormonal changes, hyper pigmentation, acne scarring and sun exposure which creates excess melanin in the skin to appear. Therefore maintaining your complexion has become a common complication in the lives of many. Following are some of the suggested solutions for uneven skin tone.

A paste made of baking soda

This might sound quite strange, but baking soda truly does help in evening your complexion. It is considered as a natural and easy to find exfoliate which results in removal of sun burns, dark spots, freckles etc. While being completely harmless to the skin, it has anti-bacterial features which enable the skin to fight infectious conditions which cause uneven skin. Baking soda can be made into a paste which can be applied on your face as a mask or a cleanser by mixing in with the following; water, honey, oat flour and lemon. This incredibly effective remedy can be home-made and cost effective with fantastic results that gives a glistening effect to your skin with a newly found shade of gold.

Prepare yourself for the laser

You may own the best liquid foundation which has the ability to even out your skin tone, but it is only temporary. Unlike cosmetics that result in short lived outcomes, laser treatment is rather permanent.

It may not be fully permanent, depending on how well you treat your skin, but it is definitely more effective than compact powder. The main reason for that is because it directly aims the pigment of the skin and not the surrounding area.

A daily scrub that leads to beautiful skin

Some tend to ignore the fact that scrubbing is as important as cleansing when it comes to maintaining an even skin tone. While you use the best liquid foundation that you can get your hands on to cover up the dark spots, a homemade scrub could be a more effective method in preventing such conditions. A radiant and glowing complexion can be attained by regularly applying a sugar scrub made of sugar, water and oil, all of which are natural ingredients.

Be satisfied!

We are all beautiful in our way. Everyone cannot be an owner of a golden glowing skin; some may inherit dark skin from their parents and ancestors while some receive pale skin. None of these complexions define your beauty. It is in your hands to look into the required areas that need attention and treatment to achieve even skin tone and beautify yourself.
Be not afraid, you are only a few steps away from attaining that beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of.