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How To Get Gorgeous Nails?

It is worthless to say that every woman wants to look beautiful; and apart from the face every other part of a woman’s body adds beauty to her. Beautiful nails add more beauty as well as confidence to a woman’s personality.
Smooth and beautifully shaped fingernails make a woman’s hand look much more gorgeous. Gorgeous nails results in making an individual’s external appearance more impressive like long lasting lipstick. These nails attract everybody’s attention and thus become the centre of attraction. For people who cannot grow their own fingernails can consider using acrylic nails for special events or can even use them daily. You can check out more here

About these artificial nails

These artificial nails are glued on top of the natural fingernails; they cannot be naturally grown. These artificial nails can be applied on the natural nails according to one’s own choice of design and length. These nails are also known as false nails or nail extensions.

These artificial nails are made by mixing a powder and a liquid solution called Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA). These two products are mixed to form a thick paste which can then be easily stuck on the natural nails and can be shaped to the desired length and thickness. Because of its thick consistency it holds its shape and when dried hardens up to appear like natural nails. One can trust a nail salon for applying these nails or can also do it by herself. But if you want to do it by yourself, then it can require a lot of time and practice to achieve the ultimate result. But before applying these false nails one must have the necessary equipment, like a nail buffer, brush, the powder and the liquid etc.

But the best way to achieve these stunning nails is to opt for a nail salon. But before going to a nail salon be sure that the nail art technicians are trained and licensed for the work and whether they take care of hygiene or not.

Advantages of false nails:-

  • These artificial nails require very nominal maintenance and they are very easy to apply and remove.
  • These are so strong and hard that most habituated nail biters have failed to continue their habit of nail biting.
  • They look very attractive when applied and can be personified according to one’s desire.
  • These artificial nails very useful for those having unhealthy nails, like weak nails, nails which easily break or tear off etc. These nails can bear a lot of pressure compared to the natural nails.
  • These nails can be applied in two ways: (1) by gluing them on the natural fingernails like fake nails or (2) by attaching those at the very end of the natural nails like nail extensions.