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Tips When Finding A Beauty Team For Your Wedding:

Are you about to get married and still don’t have any idea what hairstyle and makeup to wear on your wedding day? Well, this article will help you decide on how to find the right beauty team on your wedding day,

The first step is to look for a stylist that is within your budget. Before booking a team of stylists you have to ask yourself the following questions:
How many people will be getting the services of the beauty team? Will it be a big wedding? For some weddings, the beauty team would be in charge of putting makeup on the bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and groom and other family members?

What services do we want the beauty team to do? Do we need a reliable bridal hair stylist to do the hair of the bridal entourage? Or will they just focus be doing makeup?How much do they charge? Do they charge per person or can we get a package deal on the full services?

Hiring a bridal hairdresser Brisbane and makeup artist can be quite expensive especially if they will be in charge of the whole entourage including the flower girls and wedding sponsors. Since finding a beauty team is not as easy as it seems, you can also ask around for some recommendations from family and friends who once availed of the services of that beauty team. If still, you can’t decide on one then you can always to social media for help.

You can also try sending out a quick text or emails to friends who have recently been married and find out who they hired for their wedding day and after they have provided you with all of their recommendations make sure to ask them for an honest feedback about the beauty team that they hired.

If you have a wedding planner and a photographer you can also approach them for recommendations. They would surely be able to give you potential leads because they have enough experience working with the beauty teams on past weddings and photo shoots.

Once you have decided on a beauty team then it’s time for a meet and greet session. This will be the best time to discuss all of your questions with them including pricing and scheduling and other details regarding the wedding. After you have agreed on the details and its time to schedule for a hair and makeup demo or trial. Don’t worry about initiating this request because most of the beauty teams are doing this as a test drive before the client decides to hire them. If you are satisfied with the results of the trial task then it’s time to seal the deal by signing the contract and making the necessary deposits.