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What You Should Be Avoiding When It Comes To Your Hair

There is no better accessory that a woman could wear than her gorgeous locks. Owning long and healthy locks is in the first place a challenge. However, if you manage to avoid those that you should be avoiding when it comes to your mane, then achieving this isn’t much of a big deal. So here are some things you should know when it comes to taking better care of your hair.

Shampooing wrong

Yeah, you can actually shampoo your hair the wrong way. It’s definitely a thing! When you are shampooing your mane, limit rubbing it in, only to the scalp and not the ends of your hair. You should also make sure you don’t scrub it in too hard but do so gently. Doing the opposite, actually dries up the ends of your hair making it become more prone to turning in to split ends. So no matter what keratin treatment Booragoon you do or however many dollars you spend, if you get this basic thing wrong, then there really is no point!

Not using conditioner

Conditioner might seem like an added cost to some. But it is actually a necessity in your hair care routine especially if you want to make sure your mane doesn’t fall off so frequently or that you suffer from extreme dandruff. One of the main reasons for dandruff is having a dry scalp. However, if conditioner was used appropriately, then your scalp could be replaced with the lost oils in the shampooing process. This reduces the probability of it drying up. Many hair colourist experts also do in fact suggest doing deep conditioning to your mane one in a while for the same reason.

Combing wet hair

When your mane is wet it is the most vulnerable. And so, combing it too hard with a brush or thin teethed comb makes it easily fall off. Instead let your mane dry for sometime before you actually try to comb it. However, if you are someone with rough and curly hair, then it is perfectly alright to comb it while its damp but make sure that you use a wide toothed comb.

If you are also a regular user of a hair dryer think twice about it using it so frequently as it too has huge negative effects on your mane.

Using strong products

It is perfectly alright to use hairsprays and stuff on your mane. But doing so frequently is making your hair lose its natural strength or durability. So avoid using them. try a different style where you can style your mane with much lesser products.

Take the above tips in to consideration and pay more attention to your gorgeous locks especially if you want to hold on to them long!